Physiological Birth Support
For Wyld Women

We provide customized, conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum services for women who think outside the box. We also offer courses and products to help you de-program, re-align, and achieve your dream birth.

We are here to support women who are:

  • Choosing alternative methods of healthcare and support during their pregnancy/birth
  • Healing from a past birth trauma from a medicalized birth
  • Planning to avoid a traumatic birth
  • Living in remote locations and don’t have access to normal prenatal services
  • Questioning the comfort of wearing a mask or having a hospital birth during covid and are looking at their options
  • Trying to believe in their bodies ability to birth, but still have worries, anxieties or questions about emergencies
  • Yearning for a supportive community of like minded women
  • Challenged by their existing support team questioning/threatening their birth plans
  • Preparing emotionally, psychically or spiritually to thrive in birth and postpartum
  • Desiring a peaceful, natural and loving birth for their child

We honor that you are on a journey of self empowerment.

What we do

Birth Education for Your Wyld Heart, wherever you live

Whether you are planning a home birth, traditional midwife assisted birth, free birth, joygasmic birth or wyld birth, having a support team who knows and respects woman lead birth will help you move through the transition to motherhood with grace.

Prenatal Education

What do you actually need to know to birth at home safely? We cover the phases of labour, how to know if your birth is "normal", and how to keep yourself safest in case of a "true emergency".

Traditional Birth Keeping

We believe in your ability to birth your baby, support you to trust your intuition, and follow your body and your baby for a healthy physiological birth for mom, dad and baby.

Full Spectrum   Care

Becoming a mother is about more than "healthy baby".

We support your full healing:
Vaginal Tear Care
Hip & Pelvic Pain
Mood Swings
Night Sweats

Customized Support

Conception & Fertility

Conscious conception may be one of the most powerful things you do to create an easy and wonderful birth.

Preparing your body through excellent nutrition, diet and ensuring you and your partner are really ready to make a baby.

Whether you're wanting to support the most positive outcomes for your family, or you're experiencing fertility challenges. All of these physical and psychological factors are crucially important.

If you haven't yet conceived your baby yet, start here.

Pregnancy Troubles

Whether it's morning sickness or insomnia, aching joints or anxiety, there are underlying root causes for all of these symptoms.

We're here to help you get to the root cause and learn or deepen the skills of shadow work so that you can radically transform your experience and you can be one of those women who says "I just love being pregnant, I feel SO good." 

Start your journey here

Prenatal Education

Being prepared with knowledge for the birth of your child makes all the difference in whether you suffer through labour or peacefully and joyfully surrender to the birth of your child.

We walk you through the stages of birth, the ranges of normal and what qualifies a true emergency so that you feel prepared and ready to handle whatever the intensity of birth throws at you.

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Traditional Birth Keeping

For those women who know they want a woman's loving heart and tender hands they trust at their birth.

Whether it's to watch your older children, make sure your husband doesn't lose his shit, having an extra set of supportive hands on those aching hips, cleanup help (is there actually a mother/father wants to mop poop after giving birth? we don't think so!) or just a wise woman in the next room there in case you really need her.

We offer traditional birth keeping. The art of holding space for the laboring woman to journey through her rite of passage and re-emerge triumphant in her own power as mother and superwoman.

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Postpartum Nurturing

Many families are shocked at the reality of having a small infant and how quickly your day disappears into diapers and sweet cuddles.

Our Postpartum Support can help you find time to nap, while we get those dishes and laundry done for you. We can also provide engaging care for older children, pets or setting up meal trains so that you can move through the first 90 days of life with new baby in a way that leaves you feeling supported, confident and thriving.

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why we do it

We’ve been there

With the changing realities of hospital birth, the increasing legislation of midwifery and the rising number of women who are pursuing free birth, we wanted to create something that could fit in-between that would allow women to gain the confidence to birth autonomously, while also not needing to do it all on their own.

Having been through an "okay" hospital birth and ensuing postpartum depression with her first child, Elena knew she wanted to do birth differently for her second child.  That lead to studying orgasmic birth, free birth and physiological birth, created by the knowledge of the painful reality of medicalized hospital birth.

Gemma had been obsessed with all things birth and women's health since she was a teenager.  Watching endless birth videos for fun and deciding she wanted to be a birth worker  after reading "Spiritual Midwifery" before she was 16.  Having experienced a beautiful home birth with her own daughter, she completed several trainings and quickly moved into offering traditional birth support as well as Postpartum Support to mothers in Kimberley, BC and the East Kootenays.

Elena found Gemma while exploring her options for Postpartum Support in Kimberley, the two quickly formed a fast friendship and Wyld Birth was born.  

Now they are bringing together their passions to support women in:

  • Removing anxiety and fears,
  • Untangling pain programming,
  • Exploring pleasurable embodiment,
  • Experiencing the power of birth,
  • Building confidence and birth knowledge,
  • Experiencing wyld autonomy in birth.

Birth is a spiritual, transcendent, ecstatic, transformational moment in a woman's life.

Birth is A Sacred Right OF Passage

Birth is an intense and pivotal moment in a woman's life where she transforms from maiden to mother. She births not only her baby, but herself and her family.

Whether it's autonomously free birthing or surrounded by community support for a mother led birth, we honor your right to make your own choices and be fully supported. 

We would be a match made in heaven if...

  • You’ve already been researching midwife, home birth, unassisted or free birth,
  • Are considering birthing at home with only a friend, doula or traditional midwife, but haven't found one yet
  • You know you need to be eating better, but find yourself reaching for carbs, dairy and sweets anyways and feeling guilty about it 
  • You wish you had a loving community of women around you, but covid took the friends you had
  • You have some support, but you can’t talk to them about your deepest desires for birth
  • You've experienced a pain free birth and are seeking a pleasurable birth
  • Your tired of others looking at you like you are crazy for talking about free birth
  • You want a safe space where no one will blast you with their birth horror stories.

Words From Our Clients

What a transformation!

Since watching your webinar I have utilized the 5 fantastic fingers technique 3 times to manage my anger with Daeklan. Thank you so very much ♡ I just finished doing it. I had to do it twice to be good but it has shifted so much in me already. What a transformation! This tool is amazing.

I love Elena's enthusiasm and perspective. Always enjoy listening to the podcasts, especially on the hard days of parenting.

It is becoming natural and easy to show myself love. I sneak in kisses during the day – if something was hard, or i need extra support, or something went great – and i give myself a kiss and say I love you. And giggle. And feel a lot better.

Our talk really helped me.

I just wanted to let you know I went into labor yesterday around 2 am and stayed at home as long as I could. Checked in at the hospital at close to 5 cm. I didn’t have any pain medication until 6-7 cm after my water broke on it’s own....but I started to throw up and feeling líke passing out. I ended up getting the epidural. Although, I’m very happy I did. After not sleeping at all I was able to rest for an hour and was waken up by the nurse telling me I was already at 10 cm and it was time to push. 😁. I pushed for about less than 20 minutes. Everyone including I were so impressed. Best part of it all, I saw it all through a mirror. I couldn’t believe how beautiful and how I was blessed to experience such a great and smooth delivery. Our talk really helped me. I appreciate you!

I feel like my entire future is shifted and positively affected by this.

I feel such a shift in my entire being 🥰 there’s truly something to be said for really showing up and committing to ourselves and our babies to do this work. I feel like my entire future is shifted and positively affected by this. My baby is so happy we are all doing this work together. I could see us continuing this for sure. I would love to help women in this way...I’ve wanted to for a long time...just felt like I needed to walk the path first myself to really be able to help others through it as well. I can feel this rippling out into the collective. More and more women are ready for this kind of awakening. And I’m so so appreciative for the space you have held for us. We are all becoming! 🙏🏼⚡️🙌🏼❤️❤️❤️

I can barely stop myself from thinking about the Joygasm experience every waking minute. Things in my future will be different now that I know the Joygasm is within the realm of human experience. I imagine what a culture would feel like if such a thing were a monthly/annual/regular ritual. This is exactly the type of thing our world is missing. I was inspired even from the beginning when you said "Here's an example of what will be acceptable in this space," and outburst with raw emotion. There was a fantasy in my mind for many months, possibly years, one I couldn't describe or even fully understand. After the Joygasm ritual I realized that fantasy was fulfilled. Raw unfiltered self expression.

I could write a hundred paragraphs about why I revere the act but I'll suffice it to say I understand why the Joygasm is profound, beautiful, meaningful, etc. I don't know if you're extremely courageous or simply brave and either way I respect what you're doing as much as I could possibly respect anything.

ROVENA SKYE Couples Relationship Coach
Erin M
Ricky S

Book A Complementary Meet & Greet Call

Use the button below to choose a time to connect with our team to see if we are a good match to support your family in your birth/postpartum journey.

We love to work with women who already:

  • Are on a consciousness journey
  • Have a love of herbs, homeopathic and essential oils.
  • Have a loving and supportive partner
  • Love yoga and breath work. 
  • Have been teaching others about their favorite healing modalities
  • Are curious about tantra and ecstatic states of being
  • Know “energy” is a real thing, and use it in their lives
  • Have already had a pain free or hypno-birthing experience, and know there is another level to explore

Birth is a sacred right of passage, designed to bring a woman fully into her divine power. 

How we birth is how we live our lives afterwards.  So naturally setting women and babies up for wonderful births will change how our next generation lives.  A courageous act of choice changes the course of your life as a mother, and also the potential of your children. Peacefully birthed babies are calm, happy, contented.  Pleasurably birthing mothers are on-fire for the possiblity of pleasure in all areas of their life. Birth challenges us by showing us so clearly the parts of ourselves that are still connected to fear and lack.  Any little voice that has been internally telling you “you don’t think you have the strength” is a lier.  Once you have made the choice you will find the strength and you will find your way through.  

How you birth your baby shapes your mothering journey.

So what's next? Start by joining our by donation prenatal calls, nourish your mind and soul with one of our favorite birth podcasts, or meet our team.

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